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Look at what you've done!! 

"I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful patterns - I so admire your talents!!! I purchased the Professional Tote last year and made one to use as my 'school bag' to carry my teaching materials back and forth from school. I've received many, many compliments and my co-workers are envious! Your pattern was very easy to follow, and the result was perfect ~ Debby M.

"The tote is done and I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed making it.  Your instructions were marvelous. I am sending you pictures...I just wanted you to see how beautifully it turned out."~ Janet J.

"BY FAR, your design is the most impressive that I have worked with to date, including the well known international companies. You covered all the bases from start to finish. Everything about the construction and design of this tote is expertly thought out and executed. The instructions are easy to understand, thorough, but not too overstated or understated - just perfect...Thanks so much".~ Deb

tote tote2

Debbie Monck, a high school teacher from Punta Gorda, Florida made these beautiful matching travel bags and pillow case. She is going (went) to Italy, Turkey and Greece with 43 teenagers this summer for 3 weeks! (I thought I was jealous until I heard that!) Debbie made a Professional Tote and the matching Carol's Convertible Purse and she plans to use them as a carry-on and purse. She said "The tote is very versatile and holds so much, and the convertible purse will be just perfect for touring, allowing me the option of hands-free browsing and shopping!

Thanks, Debbie, for your kind words and I hope you had a wonderful trip.


Sally Sally2


Polly made this Professional Tote from all her left over Sally, Dick & Jane fabrics. Polly used to be a teacher (wild guess? No really!) Check out the fabric "measuring tape" handles and the "pom pom" fringe on the pockets! Polly said that she gets lots of compliments on it wherever she carries it. I can see why, it's beautiful and so original!

"I attended your Raleigh purse class at Bernina World of Sewing. You were right! I showed my sisters the purse I made and they were impressed. Like most women these days, my life is full with work, kids, volunteer work. So it has been hard to find time for sewing. So it was a great feeling to walk into class with some fabric rectangles and walk out with a nice purse."

~ Karen W.

Callies Carol's

Callie made this beautiful Carol's Convertible Purse during a class I taught at Bernina World of Sewing in Raleigh.

"Your directions are excellent...straight forward... and I love the special hints. Just thought you'd like to know how much I appreciate this pattern. So much so I am making these for Christmas presents for my nieces, granddaughter, sister-in-law and best friend. So as you can see, I love the pattern. I used my own recently on a trip and several people asked me about it and it was just so very functional. I love it!"

~ Pat

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Ami's Professional Tote

I made this Professional Tote for Ami Simms at Mallery Press. www.amisimms.com. Ami saw a Professional Tote I made and she suggested that I put a travel strap on the back of the tote so it could be hung around the handle of your rolling luggage. In thanks for her idea, I made this tote for her from the fabric line that she designed, and now include the directions for the strap in my pattern. The front has whole strawberries in the background and the front pocket is a lattice crust fabric. The back view has the strawberries with lattice crust for a large back pocket. In the center of the pocket are 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream fabric from Ami's fabric line and I added the "chocolate sprinkle" beads. The inside of the bag has a crust lining with sliced strawberries and blueberry pockets and a grape center zippered pocket. Yummy!!

Thank you Ami for the great idea!



Rosie's Vera Bradley/Laura Martell
Professional Tote:

Rosie took my class at Sew Original in Winston-Salem, NC. She paid me the ultimate compliment during my class. She purchased a Vera Bradley bag at a local yard sale (amazing find) and then took it all apart so she could make a Professional Tote with the Vera Bradley fabric. She didn't quite finish it during class because she was adding the trim in special places. Thanks, Rosie it's beautiful!

Lilys Lillys

My friends Lily and Barb got together one day and made Professional Tote bags at my house. Lily (above)used this wonderful Laurel Burch "Ocean Song" fabric panel and coordinates to make her tote. She used black ultra suede on the bottom and orange fabric for the handles.

Barb Suess (pronounced Cease), who just published a book titled "Japanese Temari, A Colorful Spin on An Ancient Craft", made a tote with Temari ball fabric on it. Barb's bag is very "Professional" looking.

Barb and I liked Lily's fabric so much that we had to buy some of the same fabric and make one. Barb's tote (which she is actually giving to her sister as a gift) is below with navy blue ultra suede on the bottom and aqua fabric for the handles. Lily used the fabric panels and didn't "fussy" cut anything and lucked out on the arrangement. Barb did "fussy" cut the large mermaid on the back for the pocket and used 2 panels



I made these 2 Laura's Zippered Tote. The blue one is the small handbag size and made out of blue leather. The brown one is the overnight bag size and has embroidered animals around the pockets. The fabric was already embroidered when I bought it, but you certainly could embroider your pockets first and then attach them to your tote.

Leather Zippered

Oh, my Rubber Ducky!

Look at this adorable diaper bag made by Linda Miller in Winter Garden, FL for her daughter-in-law that is expecting twins very soon.


This is the Creative Thimble's About You page. I can't describe the deep satisfaction I get from you enjoying my patterns and the creations you make from them.

Some pictures, stories, comments, and teaching moments from Creative Thimble creators are displayed above.

Keep them coming!


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